We Choose Fun : Diesel's Holographic Fashion Show



The concept of the campaign was “Liquid space”, which was basically about marine creatures living in space. The initial brief expressed the intention to literally show the concept.

We came up with the idea of an holographic fashion show mixed with real models. It was one of the biggest holographic shows ever made, where we had to deal with difficulties like coordinating the holograms and the real people and maintain the structure and set-up of a real fashion show with the technical needs of the system.

  • Client: Diesel - Miguel Ares
  • Creative Direction: Richard Holley, Marc Sallent
  • Technical Direction: Marc Sallent
  • Technical Provider: Vizoo
  • Motion Graphics: Dvein

Firenze, Molvena, 13/07/2007

Project developed by part of the We Choose Fun team whilst working at Diesel