We Choose Fun : Sr. Mistu for iPhone



We just launched Sr. Mistu – the Great Olive Pursuit, an iPhone game about a little blind man who travels around the world with his dog Gaido to find olives for his pizza.

Sr. Mistu ran out of olives for his pizza. What will he do? What anybody would do: embark on an epic journey that will take him around the world… and maybe further away. Isn’t he brave?

You and Gaido (his little guide dog) will go with him in this adventure. First, you teach Gaido the path and then, he walks Sr. Mistu through the level. This is team work!

The game has been acclaimed worldwide from games and illustration enthusiastics. It has also been the App of the Day in Gizmodo.com and was the winner of the devUp - Developers conference in Barcelona. It has also been in the TOP 50 games list of the App Store in the USA.

Sr. Mistu features:

  • Original gameplay: Foresee the position of the obstacles and draw the path. Then, Sr. Mistu and Gaido will walk the level by themselves.
  • Hand made: Graciously illustrated by Cinta Vidal. It currently features +400 objects and characters, all them drawn and animated by hand
  • Lovely music: Features "Dandelion" by The Black Atlantic, specially mixed for Sr. Mistu.

We are currently developing two new worlds for Sr. Mistu, which should be finished by August 2011