We Choose Fun : all Originals Make Dance Moves



Vice commissioned us the creation of this interactive installation for Adidas Originals to be set up in two festivals in Spain: Primavera Sound 2012 in Barcelona, Optimus Primavera Sound in Oporto and SOS 4.8 in Murcia.

You know that at the hugest party will be at the end of the night, but we'll be all wasted...

Let's record everybody's best dance moves and play them all together online. And if we have no memory of the concert, we'll still be able to recall the coolest party ever.

User experience:

  • Users would enter the recording room, either alone or with their friends
  • When the countdown ends, music starts playing and users have 7 seconds to make their best dance moves
  • Everything is recorded without user intervention:
    • background is removed
    • moves are shared in social networks, so friends can see you dancing
    • and uploaded to the global party site, so you and your friends can see you dancing with thousands of other people
  • Screens around the event are playing what people's doing in the box, so other participants are motivated to come.